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Argania Spinosa...

Argan Tree


... This is the botanical name of the amazing Argan Tree which grows exclusively in the south west corner of Morocco.

... and it’s also the branding we’ve chosen for our fantastic range of salon-developed hair cosmetics.

Argan Spinosa in use in the salon

Each product is enriched with Organic Argan Oil, a rare and valuable oil which contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin E and rich natural moisturisers. This wonderful amber oil is now gaining a global reputation and is widely referred to as nature’s Liquid Gold.


Our expert Stylists and Chemists have spent 18 months developing, testing and perfecting these products and we are immensely proud of the resultant range.


It’s really very special.

Argania Spinosa in use in the salon2

We’re now using these products every day in our Salon and we never cease to be amazed at the fantastic results.


Let’s face it, when your Clients say “wow, that really looks fantastic” and “my hair feels amazing, can I buy a bottle of that stuff?”


... you just know you must be doing something right.


We love our work and we love hair.
That’s why it’s been so exciting and satisfying to create such a stunningly excellent range of products for you to use at home.



Now available from major retail stores in:

United Kingdom








Satisfied customers from around the world:

“What can I say what a fantastic product really impressed with how it conditions my hair, soft silky feeling and shine. I purchased my shampoo, conditioner and hair masque.”

Sarah (Hampshire, UK)

“I love your products!!! Simply the best!”

Sandra G (New York, USA)

“The best I’ve tried........my long hair is so soft now and shiny”

Ramona S. (Cologne, Germany)

“I bought a jar of the special treatment masque and LOVE the product.”

Lisa (New Brunswick, Canada)

“People have commented on my hair including 2 hairdressers since I've been using it. I've been using it for about 9 months now - I won't use anything else.”

Sally (Norfolk, UK)

“These products are fabulous, leaves hair very glossy non greasy too. Love love love it.”

PG (Bucks, UK)

“Found it by chance..Helped condition my hair to grow out an awful haircut! No split ends.”

Dawn L (London, UK)

“Best product ever!”

Heidi (Rüsselsheim, Germany)

“Best hair products ever”

Laura (Exeter, UK)